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Dark & Stormy Summit Saison

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014
Jacked Black IPA, Dillon Dam Brewery, Dillon, Colorado

This beer is the first ever collaboration brewed by all 6 Summit County Breweries together to celebrate both Colorado Craft Beer Week (March 21-29) and the upcoming Craft Brewers Conference in Denver (April 8-11.)  There is a bit of a sweet, cherry start that slowly shifts into a deep, bittersweet, dark chocolate finish with the lingering tangy dryness of Nugget Hops and Spruce Tips.  This tightrope walker sways wildly back and forth, but somehow stays on the line, making for an exciting time on your tongue.  Dark & Stormy is a black saison brewed with a complex combination of German and Belgian malts, and fermented with a special blend of Belgian yeast courtesy of Brewing Science Institute.  Colorado flavor was added to the mash, kettle and whirlpool in the form of CO grown hops, cherries, honey, and spruce tips (the spruce was courtesy of spruceontap.com.) Some grains of paradise were also added late in the boil to accentuate the spice of the Belgian yeasts.  Lastly, we are aging roughly half of it in Breckenridge Distillery’s Whiskey Barrels to add yet another level of true CO Mountain flavor.  ABV ~6.7%

Exit 205 Session Ale

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014
IPA, Dillon Dam Brewery, Dillon, Colorado

Session ales come in a variety of flavors and carry lots of nicknames:  Boater Beer, Lawnmower Beer, or the historical English Mild.  The Urban Dictionary states that a session beer is:  “A beer that is low in alcohol and has a balanced flavor of both hops and malt. The purpose being so that it can be drunk over a long session of time without overwhelming the palate or getting the drinker too intoxicated.”  Exit 205 is a very light blonde ale with a thin body that greets the nose with the warm welcome of mildly toasted malts and fresh citrusy hops.  It starts with a nice fresh squeezed orange & grapefruit flavor but finishes light and dry due to the superb balance with its slightly sweet maltiness, leaving you thirsty for more, pint after pint.  Meanwhile, the lower alcohol means you can have another one despite having more skiing or shoveling to do or just making sure you can get home safe.  5.5% ABV.


Wednesday, March 26th, 2014
STOUT, Dillon Dam Brewery, Dillon, Colorado

Why should Black IPA get to have all the inter-style fun?  Why not a hopped up, high strength Baltic Porter?  Well, here is your answer!  BIG, complex maltiness dominates the flavor with hints of fresh baked biscuit, caramel, coffee and dark, almost smoky chocolate, but the champagne yeast ferments nearly all the sweetness out, leaving a dry finish, and a higher ABV, while the aroma is more about zesty Columbus, fruity Nugget and citrusy Simcoe hops.  Balanced and drinkable yet complex and dangerous, the Hoporter is the Jekyll and Hyde of beers; lager fermented cool and slow to start to create a clean malt backbone, but also aggressively hopped and then dry-hopped some more to stand up to all that malt and deliver a delicious punch of fruity-spicy hoppiness, and then completed with high octane champagne yeast for an incredible, unbelievably light and dry finish. 8% ABV.

Imperial Brown Ale

Monday, February 17th, 2014
Sweet Georges Brown-Dillon Dam Brewery, Dillon, Colorado

17th Dam-versary Imperial Brown Ale.  Well it’s been a long Dam time coming.  After 17 years, we decided it was time to take a spin on our classic Sweet George’s Brown Ale by going big.  Big malt balance with a chocolate backbone that’ll melt on your tongue.  Smooth, dark brown and boozy, this is the kind of beer you want to hold tight on a winter’s night while sitting next to the fire, watching snowflakes the size of doilies fall from the sky.  But be careful, it’s 8.5% ABV could screw up your plans for first chair in the morning.  Cheers!

La Seine Shine

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013
La Seine Shine, Dillon Dam Brewery, Dillon, Colorado

Brewed as a collaboration with the other DAM (Denver Art Museum) to celebrate the Passport to Paris exhibit which opened Oct. 27 and runs through February 9, 2014.   “I see lots of light, sunshine, and faded blue skies in these paintings, and so I immediately thought that this should be a light, refreshing beer, yet complex and deep too, to represent the bright colors and deep shadows,” said Brewmaster Cory Forster.  This is a steam beer with elements of both lagers and ales plus a hint of lemon. Learn more on our Passport to Paris webpage.



Monday, January 28th, 2013
IPA, Dillon Dam Brewery, Dillon, Colorado

A very bold mouthful of IPA featuring 7 different hops added at 7 different times of the brew process for a medium-high ABV of right around 7%.  Spicy grapefruit aroma leads the charge to a pile of spicy, earthy, and slightly citrusy hoppiness that totally dominates the subtle, yet complex, toasty-biscuity malt balance in this reddish-blonde ale.   Info for the HOP FANS:  Zythos, Simcoe, Chinook, Nugget, Columbus, Cascade, and Tettnang were used in the brew.  Then, it was dry-hopped with more Simcoe, Columbus, and Chinook.