To-Go Beer


It’s a Can, It’s a 32oz Growler — It’s the Crowler!
Pick any beer on tap (except for the Brewmaster’s special stash) and see the bartender can it right before your eyes. One BIG DAM CAN of beer. It’s freshly canned and the exact flavor that you want NOW.  Fun for parties, gifts and just to take home.  Prices include the can.


Enjoy most Dam Beers when you choose these to-go containers. Very rare beers are available only in snifters or pints to allow more in-house guests to enjoy them.

Call ahead to reserve kegs (970) 262-7777

Options filled to order:

64 oz Glass Growler 

32 oz Dam Hydroflask

64 oz Dam Hydroflask

KEGS – Reservations Required – Please call 970-262-7777
(Requires $100 Deposit on Keg & Tap)

Wholesale Information

Dam Beer is available for your liquor store, bar or restaurant in selected regions of Colorado and is distributed by a professional beer distributor.

Please contact The Dam Brewery at (970) 262-7777