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Christmas Tree In A Glass

Have you ever sat in front of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree covered in lights and ornaments with presents strewn across the lower boughs and thought to yourself — “I wonder what that tree tastes like, I want to TASTE CHRISTMAS.” Then, just as you are leaning in to find out for yourself, someone walks in on you and you have to make up some awkward excuse about adjusting an ornament, or blame it on the egg nog. Well this beer isn’t awkward at all, it is just a good old fashioned, straight–forward hoppy as a reindeer on a slippery tin roof, Double IPA that just so happens to have more spruce tips than a freshly cut Christmas tree. Dry hopped with Simcoe and Citra to bring out that spicy, citrusy goodness. Warning: Some people might liken this to the taste you get in your mouth after an inadvertent collision with one of our tree buddies on the ski hill, but I assure you, those are probably lodgepoles and they don’t taste nearly as sweet. 9.5% ABV. $8 Snifter. Ultra –ToGo Pricing. Get it in a Christmas Crowler for your upcoming holiday parties!