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Zuma Zen Now On Tap!

Montezuma Marzen — known as Zuma Zen — is now on tap. The small town of Montezuma in the Colorado high country is full of hardy folks, who can withstand the long winters, washed out roads, house fires, and even voter fraud. This beer is a tribute to the friendly folks of Montezuma, CO, where rumor has it, there are no rules above 10,000 feet. This German style of amber lagers originated in the 1700’s, when a lack of refrigeration required a stronger, darker beer to be brewed before the summer heat, and then slowly aged in cool, dark caves. The style later blossomed into Oktoberfests as we know them today. In the old-world tradition, Zuma Zen benefits from a slow, cool fermentation resulting in the crisp balanced flavor of toasted malts and mildly spicy German hops! Enjoy one on the Beer Garden Patio.